Friday, December 7, 2012

Interview: Elliot Greer, Owner of Greenville Nissan

I recently sat down with Elliot Greer who is the President of Greenville Nissan to discuss his beginnings and his successful dealership.

How did you start off in the car industry?

For me after I graduated college I was a social worker and police officer. I did not get into the car industry until I was 35 years old. I've worked at Honda, Volvo, Toyota, and Nissan dealerships throughout my career. I started at the bottom as a car salesman and worked my way up the ladder until I became a partner, and then moved on to owning my own dealership. I took over Greenville Nissan in January of 2002 and turned this under-performing dealership into a star performer. Since I've been here, Greenville Nissan has had the best customer satisfaction and has received countless awards.

Why a Nissan dealership?

Nissan builds high quality cars, that have great dependability, unique styling, and are innovative.

What does Nissan mean to you?

Nissan to me is a company that takes the time to understand their customers. They make sure that you (consumer) have a good, reliable, uneventful experience with your car. Unlike many other automakers, Nissan vehicles do not need a lot of maintenance. Their customer satisfaction is great and buyers are pleased with their vehicles. Nissan has a terrific support system that is reflected throughout the company.

What is your favorite Nissan model?

My favorite Nissan is the flagship Maxima sedan. It is truly a sports sedan that offers great driving dynamics and a comfortable ride.

Are you excited about the new & future products?

This year has been a revelation for Nissan. We came out with the Altima which is Nissan's best selling model. The Altima achieves 38 mpg hwy which is the best in class. For 2013 the Sentra has been brought to the forefront. It is stylish, and comes off as a smaller Altima. The Pathfinder is an iconic vehicle in the Nissan lineup. It has been getting great reviews and it looks great.

When people consider your dealership, what do you want people to know?

I'd like to think that we are one of a few dealerships that has an owner/operator who is at the dealership daily. I am here to make sure that my employees are treated just as important as the customers. I do not want my customers to feel that we leave them at the door and do not check up on them. We offer our customers free oil changes, top notch customer service, and always free breakfast. "Expect Miracles"

- Antonio K. Jakes
  Internet Sales & Social Media Manager at Greenville Nissan

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